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Julius Magan was born on 3rd April 1959 in Vryheid, Natal, although he was born and raised in a very musical family, he himself had no formal music training. After leaving Port Shepstone High School, he farmed for a short period of time before he embarked on a term of service in the SA Defense Force. It was after this that Julius moved to Durban. 


In 1981 he attended a Reinhardt Bonnke meeting, and had a dramatic encounter with God that would change his life completely. It was in this time that he discovered his evangelistic heart, while working with the street people in Point Road, Durban. Julius started outreaches in the streets of Durban and places like Point road. This is also where he first discovered the potential power of music as a tool for ministry. In 1982 Julius met his wife Theresa who at the time was nursing at Addington Hospital and soon afterwards, he joined a team, who established a hotel for Christians in the Swartberg area located in the  Drakensberg. Julius and  Theresa were married in 1984.

Julius and Theresa settled in Rayton just outside Pretoria after they got married and this is where Julius started an Estate Agency and progressed to successfully manage three branches. During this time he was asked to lead the praise and worship in the local church they were attending, which proved to be instrumental in changing the direction of his life.  

Julius soon felt the call of the Lord to full time ministry, this proved to be a major step of faith as he was led to trust God completely in all areas of their lives. But the Lord was faithful. Today, after many years in ministry, there are many heart-rending testimonies to tell.


Julius became convinced that the songs God was giving him during worship were not just merely  songs, but keys that would open doors into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord through His Holy Spirit.


Julius and Theresa have three children.  Shane was born 25 July 1986.  Matthew was born 16 January 1989 and Megan was born 28 June 1995.  Shane got married to Skye in 2013.  They too are in full time ministry. Matthew got married in 2017 to Heidi. Megan joined Julius in ministry in 2015, and she is pursuing her calling into the mission field.  

The Magan family currently live in Kroonstad after having relocated from Pretoria in 2001 as a result of being prompted by the Lord to do so. 

The entire family passionately serve the Lord for which he is extremely grateful since there are so many influences upon our young people today. Julius and Theresa also have two lovely grand children, both boys, Isaiah and Malachi.

The Magan family are members of the Kroonstad Cell Church, as Julius strongly believes in being part of the body of Christ. Julius is a strong believer of family and family values, when not at home he spends most of his ministry time traveling to churches of all denominations and ministers at church events,  conferences and also at Christian camps and retreats. He is also involved in serving beyond the borders of South Africa in countries like Mozambique and Namibia, as well as internationally when time so allows. Over many years Julius has taken a number of people to Israel to experience a time of separation and fellowship with Christ and other believers.

Julius believes that spending time with the Lord, His Word and sitting at His Feet is vital to every Christian.  Julius is a worshipper at heart, who ministers through his music and particularly through intimate worship from a heart that is hungry for God’s presence every moment ….of every day.  Julius’s heart is not merely to sing a song, neither to perform or to entertain. His driving force is to see people truly meet with their Saviour and come to know Jesus Christ in a more personal and intimate way.


As Julius seeks intimacy in worship, his worship can best be described as “spontaneous worship”. The songs during each ministry will often never be repeated again, as they are mostly new songs prompted by the passion in his heart for the Lord.  He and his musicians just follow as the Spirit of God leads. Through this intimate worship, people focus on and experience the presence of God. This is his whole aim, to get his audience to enter into that same flow of worship. To experience the presence of God through the music and Word, to take time to sit at the Feet of the Bridegroom and receive His unfailing love and acceptance. Lives must change in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ otherwise all is done in vain.

It is not easy to classify Julius’ music style, apart from saying it is uniquely his own and God inspired.  

Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God"
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